MBISS GCh. Chelsea Casanova Cowboy

Ch. Edenrock King of the Road ex Ch. Chelsea CoCo Chanel

CHIC #85446
DNA tested clear for PRA
Normal Thyroid
OFA # CO-2988G27M-VPI
MDR1 - mutant/mutant
Non Carrier for Cyclic Neutropenia (Gray Collie syndrome)
Here's a link to his OFA page showing test results

HE IS NOT AT PUBLIC STUD - by private arrangements only

So far in 2015 Grissom has been shown in 9 shows. Always in the ribbons, he has 5 Best of Breeds, 2 BOS/BOB, 1 Best of Variety and 1 Select. With each year, he just keeps getting better! Beautifully shown by Heather Newcomb!

Pictured on his way to Best of Breed under Robette Johns!!


Grissom was only shown 6 times in 2014 at select California specialities. He won 4 Best of Breeds and two Select Dog awards!

Pictured on his way to Best of Breed under breeder/judge Lee Runnels at the San Diego Collie Club's morning show!!

His puppies are looking nice and doing well in both conformation and performance!

He is currently the sire of 4 rough champions and has about 10 others with points, including a rough and a smooth with both majors!!

Ch. Chelsea California Gold and Ch. Chelsea Black Eyed Pea reside here at Chelsea

Congratulations Chelsea Pop Princess - another daughter owned by us, recently won both majors at under a year!

His tricolor daughter Chelsea Twilight Time, VCD1 CD TDX AX AXJ  co-owned with Jeannette & Tom Poling has been tearing up the performance ring. She just completed her TDX in 9 minutes!!! Recently she earned TWO new agility titles! She completed her Excellent Standard title (AX) with a 2nd place, and she completed her Open Jumpers With Weaves title (OAJ) with a 1st place!

Congratulations to all the Grissom kids on their recent wins at the South Bay Collie Fanciers puppy match (August 2014)! Best in Match to "Sera" owned by Ginny and Jack white from the 6-9 class, handled by Heather Newcomb. Best Opposite in Match went to "Sam" from the 4-6 class, owned by Valerie Mustad & Marilyn and Lloyd Lindauer.

At the recent specialty shows in Ventura (Fall 2014), Grissom was the sire of the top three Futurity finalists, and winners bitch and reserve bitch at three of the shows. His daughter "Mission Ridge Classical Serenade" owned by Ginny and Jack White won three majors from the 9-12 class!!!! Quite a few of his kids have points!


Pictured with his handler Heather Newcomb at three years old. She has done an amazing job with him. He is not the easiest dog to show as he is always on the look out for the girls! Grissom is a large dog (probably 25 inches) - excelling in head detail!


Grissom returned to the show ring May 10, 2013 at the High Desert Collie Club, for the first time since finishing his championship in the Fall of 2012!

Pictured winning BEST OF BREED under judge Linda Ayers Turner Knorr at the High Desert Collie Club......Beautifully presented by Heather Newcomb! He has had really good luck at these High Desert shows. In 2011, he won the Puppy Sweepstakes and Winners Dog from the puppy class and in 2012 he returned and won WD & BOW for a major!


"Grissom" pictured @ 7 weeks

I didn't plan on keeping a boy from Greta's 2010 litter. I wanted a girl, but there was just no way I was selling this beautiful baby boy to a pet home......... How do you sell a puppy with such a cute little face??!! I have never regretted that decision. Even though he is an out cross, he has certainly helped my own breeding program along and has blended very well with my bitches! It has proven to be one of my most successful outcross breedings to date.


3 months

3 months

5 months

He looked good through all the critical growing periods

Grissom's "Collies Online" ad - June 6, 2011

Grissom made his show debut in February 2011 at the San Diego Collie Specialty at 8 months old - he won Best In Sweeps!! In just 6 shows as a puppy, he won his first points, two major specialty reserves, numerous Best in Sweeps and Best puppy! Breeder/owner handled!

He returned to the ring at the San Diego Specialty in February 2012, where he went WD & BOW under longtime breeder judge, Bob Futh. He followed up with another WD & BOW for a major at the High Desert Collie Club!! One of his daughters, "Chelsea Twilight Time" (Rihanna), made her debut at those shows and garnered a major reserve and Best Puppy at the morning show and was 1 of 3 pulled for Winners Bitch at the afternoon show!!

Fall of 2012 - just coming back into coat, I entered Grissom on a whim at the Southern Cal/Los Padres Specialties. I was mostly going to the shows in hopes of getting the 1 point needed on his half sister Harlow. In spite of not having a lot of coat, he picked up another 4 point major, (and two major reserves), giving him a total of 14 points with 3 specialty majors!!

At my final set of shows for the season (due to my judging at the Collie National in 2013), Grissom garnered another major reserve at the first show of the Northern California specialties. But the best was yet to come.....on the last and the final day of the weekend, he finished his championship with a 5 point major, going Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Variety....onto Best of Breed from the classes over 20 rough and smooth champions under judge Vivienne Richards! WOW! What a way to finish! Not bad for the yearling male who mostly went along for the ride....while thinking he really still needed another year or two to grow up!

Grissom was owner/breeder handled to his first 7 points, but when I finally realized I could not do justice to this big boy when moving him, I hired a handler.....something I normally don't do. Heather Newcomb handled him the rest of the way (putting 3 specialty majors on him) and she did a beautiful job!


A ringside photo taken at the High Desert Collie show, where the wind was blowing almost 60 mph!


Collies Online ad

Grissom's "Collies Online" ad - November 17, 2012

Just coming into coat, Grissom is pictured winning BEST OF BREED from the classes under judge Vivienne Richards. Beautifully handled by Heather Newcomb!

Picture taken at the Ventura shows where Grissom won a 4 point major (in addition to 2 major reserves that weekend).

Congratulations to his kids owned by us:

CH. Chelsea Black Eyed Pea - She finished her championship with three Specialty Majors. She was First Futurity Finalist, Southern California Collie Club (her only show in the Fall of 2012). ex Chelsea Diamonds and Pearls
Chelsea Twilight Time, VCD1 CD TD AX  OAJ - Major Specialty Reserve & Best Puppy 1st time out. Gabi is tearing up the performance ring! She just got her CD title in 3 shows; her tracking title in her first attempt; and an agility title!! (owners, Jeannette & Tom Poling) ex Chelsea Diamonds and Pearls
CH. Chelsea California Gold - Best in Match (South Bay Collie Fanciers). First Futurity Finalist, Southern California Collie Club Fall 2013 show. Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex to Best of Breed at the Southern California Collie Club 2013 Fall show. Won 3 out 4 shows entered at the Dixon specialties. Finished with all specialty majors in 6 shows during a two week period...all from the Bred By class!! ex Chelsea Diamonds and Pearls
Chelsea Chantilly Lace - Amelia just got her first point with a WB & BOV! ex Ch. Chelsea Blonde Bombshell
Chelsea Pop Princess - Whitney was FIRST FUTURITY FINALIST at the Southern California Collie Club. Three major specialty reserves her first time out! ex Ch. Chelsea Blonde Bombshell

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