By Gayle Kaye, ROM statistician

Many of the great producers of the past cannot compare or equal the numbers produced by today's top sires and dams. In the past, due to various factors, the opportunities for showing and finishing champions were not as great as they are today. Perhaps the biggest difference is numbers. In 1921 there were 40 dog shows, resulting in 9 Collies that finished their championship. In 1933 there was a total of 86 dog shows and only 19 Collies finished their championship. Compare these figures with todays numbers!!! Currently there are close to 1300 dog shows a year and approximately 350 Collies now complete their championships yearly!!! The early dogs and bitches cannot be judged in the same manner as those of today. Many of the early sires and dams didn’t have the opportunities that exist today, due to frozen semen and shipping, as well as other factors such as, general care, veterinarian medicine, food and drugs! As a result, many of them will not qualify for REGISTER OF MERIT status. Yet, it is an honor they most richly deserve! In spite of early limitations, many of these Collies were influential and played major roles in the creation of the American Collie and the evolvement of American bloodlines. For example, Eng. Ch. Magnet, is a dog to whom all American Collies trace. Although he sired only 2 American champions, (neither of which is important to today’s Collie), he remains one of the breed’s most influential sires. Another example is the American-bred Ch. Future of Arken who sired only 5 champions. In spite of this limited number, two of his champion sons are responsible for the evolution of two major sire lines. One of the most important sires for the early smooth Collie was Ch. Glengyle Smooth Sailing, who sired only 9 champions. And finally there is the noted “mother” of the American Collie, Ch. Halbury Jean of Arken who was the dam of 6 champions! Because of this, a different system is being used for determining REGISTER OF MERIT status for these Pillar sires and dams.

The cutoff year for the Pillar Sires and Dams is 1960. These Collies are not being judged on the numbers alone, but rather on their significant contributions that were made in establishing American bloodlines or as a stepping stone in the creation of those families. The acronym ROM-PS will be used for pillar sires and ROM-PD for pillar dams.

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