By Gayle Kaye

The purpose of the REGISTER OF MERIT (ROM) program is twofold: to enhance the record keeping capabilities of the Collie Club of America and to honor the lifetime producing achievements of certain sires and dams that have produced a specific number of champion offspring. On the following page is an update of ROM numbers and additions. This is current through the 2009 Collie Champion Data Base.

By awarding a REGISTER OF MERIT title to deserving producers, it gives the club a permanent record for Collie history and will serve as a learning tool in pedigree study and research.

The ROM title will be conferred upon dogs that have produced a designated number of Champion progeny.


For a list of the current ROM Sires and Dams, please click the blue writing!

For information on PILLAR Sires and Dams, please click the blue writing!

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