CH. Chelsea Charidan Carte Blanc

Tri-color female ~ whelped 7-9-97

AKC# DL705537/01

Owned by Gayle Kaye
CH Tartanside Th'Critics Choice
CH Jancada Tartanside Traveler
CH Tartanside Rhapsody
CH Jancada Bronze Chieftain
CH Tartanside Apparently
CH Jancada Promises Promises
CH Jancada Whispering Wind
Arcadia Red October
CH Westwends Hogan's Hero
CH Nationview Renegade
CAN CH Levallon Nationview Dazzlin
CH Aluren Adoration
CH Westwends Hogans Hero
CH Candray Goldenrod
Candray Marchesa
CH Sealore Grand Applause
CH Starr's Tailor-Made
CH Starr's Painted On Jeans
CH Countryview Masterful
CH Tartanside Th'Critics Choice
CH Countryview Starr Attraction
Starr's Dark Crystal
Countryview Charidan Isolde
CH Seelore Grand Applause
CH Starr's Tailor- Made
CH Starr's painted On Jeans
Countryview Matinee
CH Tartanside Th'Critics Choice
Countryview Starr Search
Starr's Dark Crystal

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