*The Collie*

The Collie is a hardy and healthy breed. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also intelligent, loyal, loving, sensitive and very easy to train. In addition to being a very clean dog, they are one of the easiest breeds to housebreak. If raised properly and treated with respect, they can make an ideal family pet. They are not recommended as a complete outside/backyard dog. They love to be with their owners, interacting with other people and lounging around the house. If kept outside for long periods of time, they can become easily bored, as well as lonely. When in this state of mind, they can become very noisy. Collies have long been known for their barking tendencies. However, while they are excellent watch dogs, they are not known for their guard or attack dog capabilities. They will usually be very vocal at the approach of strangers, but will not attack. One of the Collie's greatest assets is his natural love for children. Even when not raised with children, the Collie can be charming, attentive and playful with most well behaved kids. They also usually blend well with other animals and are known for their sensitivity with other little creatures. They can either be couch potatoes or very active depending on the situation. They love to play and retrieve. They also love going for long walks. In essence, they make great companions for young or old. One of the most beautiful attributes of the Rough Collie's appearance is his long flowing coat that comes in 4 colors (sable, Tri-color, Blue Merle and White). However this coat does need maintenance in the form of regular brushing and an occasional bath. When it comes time for shedding, the continual hair around the house, can be a nuisance to some people. If one does not like the thought of grooming and hair, the perfect solution is the Smooth Variety of the Collie. He is the exact replica of his rough brother, only he comes with a short and dense, easy to care for coat!


As with any breed of dog, certain health issues need to be addressed. The most prevalent health issue with the Collie, is eye disease. While only a small percentage actually go blind, all Collies eyes need to be checked by a certified Ophthalmologist before being sold or placed in pet homes.

Overall Collies can make great companions and are highly recommended for those people looking for an intelligent and sensitive dog, needing a lot of human companionship! Personally I can think of no other breed I would rather recommend, BUT they are not for everyone. A person needs to decide first and foremost why they want a dog and what their expectations are. A commitment to a dog should be for the dog's lifetime!

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